Rider Guidelines

At Timber Trails Transit you can expect our best effort, friendly and caring staff, reliable and timely service, assistance on and off the bus when needed, assistance with up to three packages or bags weighing no more than 25 lbs., and a safe and comfortable ride.

Accessing the Bus

  • Call our dispatchers at 888-217-5222 or locally at 320-364-6030. Bus reservations need to be made a day in advance to allow the dispatchers to build efficient routes. They will need to know your address and phone number, the places you’d like to go and the times that you’d like to be there. For statistical data they may also ask for your date-of-birth and ethnicity, that information is completely voluntary. You will be given a window of time that you can expect the bus. They will also help you determine your bus fare, so you’ll know in advance how much it will cost.
  • Watch for the bus. The bus will pick you up at the address you give the dispatchers. Please be in sight of the driver and ready to go when the bus arrives. Being ready for the bus is very important for keeping the bus on schedule. We try very hard to be on-time for everyone, for that reason the bus will only wait three minutes for a rider to come out. We ask that you be ready 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the time given in case the bus is a bit early/late.
  • Assistance boarding the buses. It is our goal to make your ride with us as easy and as pleasant as possible. All of our buses are equipped with lifts to assist riders who have difficulty with the steps or who use walkers or wheelchairs. Please don’t hesitate about using the lift. Drivers don’t mind and it’s your safety that matters to us.