are you a first time rider?

Call 1-320-364-1350 

If so, you’ll need to go through a quick intake process by calling 1-320-364-1350. Once you’ve completed our intake process, requesting future rides will be a breeze. When you call to request your first ride, you’ll generally need the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Your full address (and possibly directions)
  • Source of payment
  • Requested pick-up time and appointment if applicable
  • Destination, including street address
  • Number of people going
  • Are you using a mobility device such as a wheelchair, scooter, or walker?

If the ride you are requesting is going to be billed to Medical Assistance or a managed care provider*, we will also need:

  • Your Medicaid or member number
  • Responsible county
  • The name of the case manager, social worker, or financial worker is helpful
  • Destination information including street address and phone number

*Our dispatchers will also need to verify eligibility prior to scheduling your ride

Using Kanabec County’s Timber Trails Transit program is simple.

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