Maps & Schedules



7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday – Friday

Timber Trails’ routes include connections that make it possible for riders to get to Cambridge. Ask our dispatchers for more details! All routes are open to the public.

Trips can be scheduled months in advance and regularly scheduled trips can be set up.  These “standing reservations” create times in the day when the buses are very busy; during these peak times dispatchers may need some flexibility to get trips scheduled. Routes are mapped every afternoon for the following day.  Dispatchers work to create efficient routes that make good use of our resources.  Our funding comes from both Federal and State agencies and there are requirements that our routes be productive* These requirements are why we have a window of time for a pick-up (15 minutes before and after the scheduled pick up time) and why the bus can wait only three minutes for riders to appear to board.  Check out our rider guidelines for all the details.

Ride requests need to be made by 1:00 PM the day before in order to efficiently build the bus routes. Rides requested after that time will be charged the “same-day” bus fare (extra $0.50). *”Productive” is defined as having at least five riders per hour.

Bus Fares

In-Town Bus rides are $1.50 one way; $3.00 for the round trip. Out-of-Town Bus rides are $2.50 one way; $5 for the round trip. Same day trips cost $0.50 extra each way.

In Town Tickets Out of Town Tickets
# of tickets Cost # of tickets Cost
Purchase 10 rides and the 11th one is free. $15 Purchase 10 rides and the 11th one is free $25
  • Tickets do not expire and are only usable with the bus.
  • Each ticket is a One Way ticket