Public Transit Rider Guidelines

  • Ride requests need to be made by 1:00 PM the day before in order to efficiently build the bus routes. Rides requested after that time will be charged the “same-day” bus fare (extra $0.50).
  • Timber Trails Public Transit buses provide curb to curb service. Assistance to a door can be arranged, but must be requested in advance.
  • All buses are equipped with lifts and drivers are trained to assist passengers on and off the bus. Passengers who require assistance into buildings or appointments need to have a caretaker rider along. Caretakers ride free of charge.
  • Drivers are not permitted to enter any rider’s home or assist a passenger beyond the outside entrance of any building. Please don’t ask them to.
  • Public transit is open to passengers of all ages. Young children need to be accompanied by an adult or special arrangements need to be made in advance.  If your child needs a car seat, please be sure to have one on hand. Our drivers are not able to place car seats or buckle them in, that is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • Drivers are able to assist with up to three bags weighing no more than 25 pounds. Many local stores offer delivery options. Please make alternative plans for delivery of large items.
  • Please be ready 15 minutes before and after the scheduled pick up time and in sight of the bus driver.
  • Bus drivers make every effort to be on time so the bus can wait no more than three minutes for a rider to appear. 
  • Bus drivers cannot go in search of riders.
  • All passengers are required to use seat belts – it’s the law.
  • Drivers have the right to refuse service to anyone whom they feel may endanger the safety or comfort of other passengers or themselves.
  • Service animals are welcome on Timber Trails buses.
  • It may be possible to transport a pet on a Timber Trails bus. If you need to bring an animal on the bus, visit with a dispatcher to work out the details.Typically, we ask that they be in a portable cage or kennel. Animals that are too large to be carried must be leashed at all times and fully under the rider’s control. Animals that are not well controlled, that cause damage to the bus, or create a mess on the bus will not be allowed to ride again.

Paying For Your Ride

  • In-town bus rides are $1.50 one way, $3.00 round trip.
  • Out-of-town bus rides are $2.50 one way, $5.00 round trip.
  • Same-day trips are $.50 more each way.
  • Rides to medical appointments may be billable to Medical Assistance if eligible.
  • Bus Tickets are available as well:
    • In Town Tickets are $15 for 11 1-way tickets
    • Out of Town Tickets are $25 for 11 1-way tickets

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