How It Works

Timber Trails Public Transit offers transportation for residents of Kanabec County within our service area. Our low-cost transportation options allow those without the ability to transport themselves to retain independence. Timber Trails has regularly scheduled routes which offer riders the opportunity to do their weekly shopping or catch a bus to Cambridge on Mondays. You can easily schedule your ride by calling 320-364-1350 at least a day in advance.

Anyone Can Ride with Timber Trails

We provide transportation for people of all ages with any kind of destination.

  • Young Children- Children of all ages are welcome on Timber Trails Public Transit. If your child requires a car seat, please bring it along at your pick-up time.
  • People with Disabilities- If you require equipment such as a cane, walker, oxygen tank, etc., Timber Trails is happy to make the necessary arrangements for you to bring it on your trip. Just let us know when you schedule your ride. All our buses are equipped with lifts that can lift riders with walkers and wheelchairs. For those with communication disabilities, Timber Trails is available through Minnesota Relay at 711.
  • Individuals Requiring Medical Transportation- Timber Trails offers non-emergency medical transportation to health care appointments for individuals and families who receive medical assistance.

The Ride Process

 The process of riding with Timber Trails Public Transit has been streamlined to be as easy and accessible as possible so you can focus more on your activities for the day and less on how you’ll get to them.

Step One: Request a Ride

Give us a call at 320-364-1350 to request a ride. Our dispatchers will get you connected to a driver. They can also schedule recurring trips if you’d like. If you’re a first-time rider, you’ll need to complete our quick intake process. This just involves giving us some information about you, your location, and where you’d like to travel with Timber Trails.

Step Two: Get Picked Up

You will leave information with the dispatcher when making your ride, including your pick-up location, time, and any accommodations they should plan for. They will meet you at the curb for your pick-up. Unfortunately, drivers are not permitted to enter any building to assist riders.

Step Three: Make Payment on Bus

The cost to ride with Timber Trails Public Transit is $3.00 per in-town round trip ($4.00 same day) and $5.00 if you’re out of town ($6.00 same day). When you get on the bus, there is a fare box where you can leave your payment. Drivers do not have change. We also have bus tickets available, which can be a low-hassle way to take care of your fare.

Step Four: Call for Pickup

When you’re ready to be picked up, just give us a call at 320-364-1350 and your driver will come get you. Our drivers are given a roster of passengers each day, so they will know to pick you up before they go off-duty.

That’s all there is to it! Timber Trails is an easy, convenient way to get around town. You can learn even more about the different transportation programs Timber Trails offers by visiting our transportation programs page.

If you’d like to get started with Timber Trails Public Transit or have additional questions, contact us today by using our feedback form or giving us a call at 320-364-1350 to schedule your first ride.