MA Managed Care

Kanabec County Access Plans and Information

If your Medical Assistance is administered through one of the Managed Care Providers (BluePlus, Medica or UCare) or through South County Health Alliance, your procedures for requesting rides may be slightly different.

If your provider is BluePlus, Medica or UCare:

  1. Call your provider to request your ride at the numbers listed below (You will probably be on hold for a time).  An authoization for your ride will be faxed to the dispatchers.
    • BluePlus (BlueRide)  1-866-340-8648
    • Medica  1-800-373-8335
    • UCare   1-800-864-2157
  2. You will need to provide them with the details of your ride request
    • Your member number
    • You’ll need to request that Kanabec County Timber Trails provide the ride
    • Date & time of the appointment
    • Name, address and phone number of the appointment place
    • Please confirm your current address and contact information

If your provider is South Country Health Alliance

  1. You do not need to obtain prior authorization for your ride unless you have Medica.
    – Medica  1-800-373-8335
  2. Call our dispatchers with your ride request details
  3. Dispatchers will verify your eligibility

***Assistance can be obtained through your financial worker or the Help Line number for your provider. Our dispatchers may be able to help as well.